Thursday, September 11, 2014

OCC Copic Markers For Card Makers

I have been playing around with Copic Markers since last November when I decided I liked them and wanted to use them in my card making.  There are tons of videos out there to learn from.  I've caught on to a few of the techniques.  But when I saw that Online Card Classes was offering a class dedicated to Copics and card makers, I jumped at the opportunity to be a student since I've enjoyed so many of their other card classes.

The classes don't begin until the 22nd of this month but there is much to prepare for and the teachers are preparing us well with handouts to color, videos to watch, a forum to chat with fellow students and great shopping info on what to choose and where.  I am itching to get started.  Meanwhile I have dutifully colored my pre class assignments shown below.

First is the color chart that not only shows what you have (ahem:) but gives you a quick look at coloring trios for blending.

Second is the "Teachers' Favorites"...I colored in their favorites if I had the same markers.  A few of the heart combos are trios I made up myself.

And finally this Flip-Flop was mainly for testing our printer's ink, Copic card stock and how they reacted to the markers.  My HP Photosmart's ink works great with the proper card stock and the Copics.  No bleeding of the black ink...I just need to get a LOT better at staying in the lines, LOL.

Once class begins I will be posting more of my assignments here.


  1. looks like you are off to a great start!

  2. Well done. I have zero Copics. Got a few knock offs. But I have ordered first attempt at colouring is in the Online Card Gallery. It took me ages but I am happy. C u there - Cherie

  3. You've got quite a collection going! I've got a decent enough one to get through class ... but of course, I'm sure I'll shop for more as we progress through the lessons. Well done with the flip flops! I find coloring to be so relaxing, but waiting for the class to start is making me anxious! ha! Happy coloring!