Saturday, September 27, 2014

OCC Copic for Card Makers Day 5: People

Don't look at the faces.  The coloring isn't all that bad but I felt the need to create a face on one and "improve" on another.  Both are total fails. LOL  This assignment is more about the whole body, not just the hair and skin.  I feel like I did decently on the clothing but the faces?  Ha!

The first character is Lilli Girl from Unity Stamps.  She is adorable in spite of my coloring.  She does not have a face so I attempted to create one.  Bad, I know.  I need to stamp her a dozen times and practice a decent expression.  She looks a little ticked off about something.

Next is Pure Innocence: Little Gardener from MFT.  At least she does have a face, however I tried to make more of a happy mouth and managed to touch some black from her hair and smushed it onto her face.  Oh my goodness!  Better leave her alone next time.

Thanks for looking.

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