Thursday, September 25, 2014

OCC Copic For Card Makers Day 4

Oh you are asking what happened to days 2 and 3?  Beats me.  I got a bit lost in those two lessons and just moved on to today's.  I'll go back at some point.  Meanwhile I enjoyed today's lesson on light source and shadows.  My attempts are not exciting but I "get" what I am supposed to do.   One thing I did learn is that I did not like using the white gel pen for the centers.  Another method was to use the colorless blender and I think that turned out great and I really like how it looks.  The gel pen looks nice when someone talented uses it.  That would not be me, LOL.

Anyway here are two of the flower sets for today's lesson.  I'll work on this more.    I think I chose too dark of a trio for the blue flowers.  The shading is a bit lost.  The orange however were good colors but they really blended so well that it's nearly all one color.  Finding the perfect group of colors seems to be a huge key in the blending game and learning what works best.  It seems a bit of trial and error...not an exact science of color blending.  Also the Copic friendly card stock I used makes a huge difference as well.  The stock I used here seemed to bleed very easily.

 Looking forward to tomorrow's assignment.

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  1. Love the colors you picked. They're rich and vivid.