Friday, March 7, 2014

Scrapping Outside the Pocket

I have joined Big Picture Classes' "Scrapping Outside the Pocket".  The point to this class is to USE up the fabulous 3x4 and 6x4 cards that come in all the pocket style kits like Project Life.  I thought this would be a great way to give me that extra boost to scrap as well as use those cards for other purposes than the typical pocket style scrapping.  I will be combining both styles throughout this class and hopefully into the future.

This is my first LO from Lesson 1.  Very simple usage of the journaling cards.  I chose the Authentique papers that complimented this beautiful Western Meadowlark.  The houndstooth check mimics the Meadowlark's plumage rather well I thought.  I also got to use my stamp of the same bird and add some Alisa Burke feathers.

Second page in the more traditional pocket style which has nothing to do with this class but will help me to pursue the PL style at the same time.  I used the large polkadot paper to carry over the similar look of the above LO and used PL cards from the same core kits, Midnight and Honey .


  1. This layout is gorgeous! What does the meadowlark say???
    You are correct. The paper design does mimic the bird's plumage. And I love that you used your stamps so perfectly and subtly. Great job!

  2. This just gets better and better. Love all the touches. And that paper really features the meadowlark coloration.

  3. you are getting a lot out of this class - perfect papers for the subject and great way to do both pockets and outside too!