Saturday, March 9, 2013

Art Journal...first mess

Tonight I made time to dive into my first attempt to mess in my new Dyan Reaveley Art Journal.  First steps consisted of Gesso, some Dylusion spraying and then a little stenciling.  Also I'm experimenting with white space per Dina Wakley.   What dawned on me is that I don't have to do this all at once.  I felt compelled when I began that I would have a completed double page to admire before the night is out.  Ha...I don't think so.  Stumped, I decided to stop and think about my next step.

While doing all this I am also incorporating LSNEW.  My theme for the coming week is "Be a good listener".  I think I'm going to add "be patient".

Next is deciding what goes inside and what happens with the white space.  Will it remain white?  Stay tuned.  I am excited to find out!


  1. Love this. The colors are delicious. And I love the white space. We have never been friends, white space and me.

  2. From her videos, Dyan does things in parts too. Leftovers on one page to be enjoyed and worked on later. What's LSNEW?

    1. It's actually LSNED: "Learn Something New Everyday" which is a class that Shimelle holds every September. I couldn't keep up and neither could Jen. So we decided to take a crack at it again but do an assignment each week instead. We just might be done by next September, LOL.

      Once you join it you are in for every September!

      Her site:

  3. the colors are so wonderful - I look forward to what it becomes, but don't rush yourself!

  4. Farley, these colors are fantastic! Love the masked off areas. Well done!