Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Watercolor Card Class Day 3

Day 3 brought us variations of watercolor stamping.  I chose probably one of the simplest techniques of using ink pads and spritzing the stamp with water before stamping on the paper.  I used very light water and probably could have used more for a more traditional watercolor look.  But all in all I am happy with the outcome.

Stamps are from CTMH's "A Mother's Love" clear stamp set which is a pretty two-step floral collection.  Ink pads are Stephanie Barnard's for Colorbox.  They worked pretty well and it is fun to experiment with different brands of ink pads to see what works best or how they work differently from one to another.  One day it would be fun to use all my ink pads for a comparison.  But another time for that.  Keeping up with these daily lessons are going to be challenging enough.  There are 2 other techniques for today but I doubt I will get to them during this session.  Something to look forward to at a later date.

I used Bristol paper for the first time and really like it.  Jen and Nancy have been telling me how wonderful it is and they are right.  Label is a Stephanie Barnard for Sizzix #4 Fancy Label.


  1. I just bought some Strathmore Mixed Media paper (the brown cover) because Julie Fei-Fan Balzer says it's her current fave. Smooth finish, but holds up to a lot of paint, water and general messing around. On sale at Hobby Lobby this week (40% off). :) Thanks for sharing your work.