Monday, April 1, 2013

Craft Room Make-over!

My sweet husband, Bob, has learned a lot!  He decided last summer he wanted to do some work around the house, taking care of some ignored maintenance.  Like the common dry-rotted fence between us and our half-plex neighbors.  He had some hired help but he did easily half the work.  This snow balled into wanting to make some shelving for the garage to store some of his newly acquired tools.  This avalanched into his wanting to make me some shelving for my over-stuffed, hard-to-walk-into craft room.  I'm a lucky girl.  Just look at the transformation the four shelving boxes has made to my room!  Now I can have all my art supplies right in front of me.  The wood is maple and Bob's wonderful edge-banding gives them a fine furniture finish.

This may not be the final configuration of shelf positions but that is what is so cool about these.  I can change them any way I need to.   Did I say I am a lucky girl?  I am thrilled with these and so proud of Bob's new found skills in woodcrafting.

THE BEFORE...I had already done some clearing out of junk, but you can get the idea.

Bob began cutting the wood at the beginning of March.

Twelve clamps to hold down the backing of the shelf box while the glue set!  I helped with the gluing parts.  All the cases are dowelled with wood pegs rather than screwed with nails.  It was very time consuming and exacting for Bob but makes for a very strong case.

THE AFTER!  Isn't it lovely?

I am one lucky girl:)


  1. AWESOME! WAY TO GO BOB!! This looks so amazing.
    Can Bob lend Greg his garage (we don't have one) so he can play too?
    If we only lived closer.

  2. That is fabulous. I am showing these to my woodcrafty hubby too, Farley. He is thinking he is making me some mock Ikea Expedit shelving....I hope it's soon!