Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January One, Two Thousand Thirteen

Happy New Year friends!  2012 was a huge year for my family with special birthdays (my 60th and son's 18th), our 25th anniversary, Charley's HS graduation and the birth of our first grandchild, Nathaniel.  Now I wonder what 2013 will bring us?  My one hope is for good health for us all to enjoy what comes our way.

I also hope to make more of this blog and use it as I originally intended to share not just my crafting but all my interests.  Family, health, birding and of course crafting.

To start out Jan 1 I am posting a photo I took just two days ago of this lovely female Northern Harrier.  I see them in the air all the time but rarely perched or on the ground where I can digi-scope them.  I had been watching her cruising a marsh area when she landed to investigate another raptors "left-overs".  She plucked a bit at it but wasn't interested and took off again with another female to buzz the shore birds.  They were having a lot of fun stirring up trouble in the marsh.

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  1. What a year Farley! Glad you are looking to post more on your blog, as I look forward to them. Your bird photos are inspiring!