Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today's Birding

The Woodbridge Wildlife Area was open to the public today so Bob and I planned our day to include birding that area as well as a few other stops in the Lodi area.  We essentially had the entire area to ourselves.  It was COLD...45, foggy turning to cloudy with an obvious storm moving in and the birds were laying low.  But we did have an interesting variety of the 22 birds we did see or hear.  The most interesting was the Fox Sparrow.  No bird photos on this trip.  These birds were moving too fast for any decent shots today.  But here is Bob walking back up from the Mokelumne River.

We were pretty bundled up as you can see.  I had all sorts of woolies and vests on today.

We ended our day at Heritage Oak Winery (our favorite spot) where we enjoyed great wine tasting and warmed up a bit.

 Then froze ourselves good by picnicking out on the patio on warm soup and rice I had brought.  I had heated our food before leaving home, stored in bento boxes and then placed in an insulated box with our "bean bag" warmers.  It really kept the food warm.  While we sat outside eating we each put a heated bean bag inside our jackets, LOL.  It helped a lot!  You can see one peeking out of Bob's jacket. You can also see we had the patio and birds to ourselves.  We did get some strange looks from other wine tasters.

It turned colder but that didn't stop us from more birding down to the river and back.   But I did have to layer more head and neck ware.  Brrrrr.  Any day birding is a good day:)


  1. Looks like a perfect day to me. Good folks, good food, good birds and a wonderful California winter day!!!

  2. Looks wonderful. Isn't it funny usually in January 45 would be warm for us. You really do get a wide variety of birds.