Thursday, January 3, 2013

Any day birding is a good day...

Today was one of them.  I go to Cosumnes River Preserve about once a week.  Some birds I see, I'm sure, are the same ones.  Like this juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk.  He was quite unconcerned about my presence and moved from tree to tree in the same general area.  I probably spent about one hour just standing in one spot enjoying the raptors and shore birds they were buzzing.

My other best bird was this bright yellow Meadowlark.  He was by himself in a small marshy area that I walked past.   As I crossed the road to enter the wooded area he flew across the road also, perched on a post and sang to me.  Or at least it seemed he was singing to me...I did hear a distant Meadowlark answering back.  It's amazing to see such colorful plumage in winter.


  1. Oh Farley, you and I must be kindred spirits because I adore watching the birds and would love to come visit so we could do this together. Your photographs are all amazing!

  2. Oh, I love the meadowlark. I would love to photograph one someday.

  3. Love seeing your birds. I am amazed with your wonderful birding knowledge.