Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using Alcohol based pens for coloring stamps

I am not a colorer as I've stated before.  But I played along today with May Flaum's challenge of doing a simple and fast holiday card by just stamping and coloring.  I'm not so sure about the fast part.  I did enjoy the coloring for once but I painstakingly took my time to blend the colors.  Not too bad but it did bleed just a bit.  But I'm happy with the results and will add this card to my growing holiday stash.  Now I need to get busy and actually address and send them out before New Year's hits.


  1. So cute. Another skill mastered.

  2. he's a cute little guy! Sometimes I find coloring fun - but not if I am in a hurry. A perfect little holiday card.

  3. I just embiggened him on my real computer. He really is cute!