Friday, February 21, 2014

Two birthdays and a thank you

These three cards are special ones.  I do have trouble making cards when I have someone special in mind for them.   I can tell you that the 3 cards below are nothing like what I had in my mind when I started them.  Nothing, LOL.

First card is for my Grandson who is turning 2 today!  He is one adorable little boy who is in that mode of learning, and absorbing everything.   One of his many fascinations is horses.  Since I didn't have a horse stamp of any kind this Little Buckaroo from MFT seemed just the ticket when I added little wood veneer horses to this card.   Making this card pleased me no end since I used so many different materials from my stash.   I used my KNK to cut the Buckaroo boy, die cuts for the panel and the words HB, horses from veneer "collection", ahem, patterned papers from stashes and finally a mix of Copics and Spectrum Noir markers to color the little cowboy.

A second special birthday is today also…my good friend Jen's husband Roy.  He is a sweetie and one thing we have in common are bird feeders.  As I mentioned I started out with a totally different themed idea but when it went bad I hit myself in the head and thought, "why didn't I think of this in the first place".  This bird feeder was a free svg file I found last Fall when I first got my KNK.  I hadn't used it but last night I cut out multiples and played with the pieces.  This is my end result.  Again I used up some of my veneer supplies and colored the birds up to try to make them look like American and Lesser Goldfinches which devour the seeds at Roy's feeder.

Finally a special thank you card was needed for a new acquaintance made in my Aquafit class I take 3 times a week.  She knows I am a birder because I am constantly pointing out birds from the pool each morning.  All the women in this class wear the same warm red fleece caps to keep warm on these very cold mornings.  Many of these hats have a word embroidered on them.  I've been wearing a black one that I use for kayaking.  Well last week she presented me with one that says "BIRDIE" on it!  I was so taken aback that she had made me my own red hat.  I now feel even more part of this already welcoming group.  I made a thank you card for her last night to take this morning to class.  And I better get moving so I'm not late.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Ohmygosh, your card for Roy is PERFECT. He will love it. The other two are appropriately perfect also. You are such a thoughtful and creative person! Your coloring skills grow in leaps and bounds.

  2. These cards all fit the recipients to a "T" - such wonderful, thoughtful cards!
    You've really done a fantastic job on these!

  3. Great cards, Farley! Just a warning, though--the two-year-old will not be impressed, lol. (I have learned this through experience). But his parents will love it!