Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am up way too late to be very descriptive other than I received my MFT order today and have I got some awesome goodies.  Feather dies being one of them not to mention assorted stamps.

I gleefully made a pile of feathers earlier this evening...or I should say's nearly 1am.  Okay I have to hurry.

Made feathers...made a card a few minutes ago because I just had to before going to bed.  Not my best effort  and just grabbed whatever paper and ink was near me, nor very imaginative but I LOVE these feathers.  Maybe later today I will elaborate.


Good night!


  1. Love the way you tied the feathers together! I'd say its not bad for a 1 am card!

  2. These feathers are going to be the death of us. They are so fantastic and so many ways and themes to use them. Your 1:00 AM cards are better than mine at peak hour. Definitely a night owl, my friend.