Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Cards

Happy Father's Day everyone.  I hope you all had an enjoyable day one way or another being with family, friends and enjoying a dad's company or remembrance of one.  My own dad passed away exactly 10 years ago tomorrow.  I had one of the most wonderful days with him, just the two of us.  The following day he was gone.  I am so blessed to have had that special day with him.  Every day with him was special.  He was a dear one.

Today was a nice laid back kind of day with my sweet husband Bob and our son Charley.  We were visited by Bob's daughter, her DH and 1 year old son via Facetime.  Technology is a wonder.

Charley and I both made cards to present to Bob today.  Bob has become quite the woodworker and recently acquired a vast amount of walnut wood from a friend's ranch, which is in the drying out process now.  It was quite a few weeks of hard work with a lot of help, bringing these 90 year old trees down, prepping them for cutting, milling the huge trunks, delivering half of the wood to our home and storing it.  So woodworking and walnut wood was our theme.

First Charley's card.  He is so clever and learned years ago that we make our cards...never buy them.   He is very handy with graphics.  He also hand writes a message as well which is nearly invisible on the left half.

And then mine:  This is also doubling for my friend Jen's monthly card sketch challenge at Club Scrap. It gave me a great beginning to this card and worked perfectly with the collage stamp from Club Scrap's Dashing collection.  With it's ruler, measurements and blueprint look it was the ideal stamp to reflect all the work that Bob has been doing with his building.

He was really pleased with both cards.

This card begins with the left triangular flap, opening to a right flap and finally unfolding to the inside which isn't shown here.  Too mushy for public display, LOL.


  1. Hi Farley, LOVE your card! :) Color, stamping, EVERYTHING about it!

  2. Really lovely job on this card, Farley!

  3. Love the cards Bob got from you two creative people!