Saturday, March 21, 2015

Julie Ebersole Card Class

I've never spent 7 hours straight making cards before.  Julie Ebersole's two card classes that I attended yesterday were meant to be two hours each.  Ha!  Julie packs so much into her classes that the idea of making 6 to 7 cards in two hours is hilarious.  She is just so likable, talented, funny, creative and generous that I can't wait to take another class or two from her next time she is in Sacramento.

Here's what I made.  My execution is not the greatest but we all worked furiously to get all the cards completed which I did.  I learned a lot of new tricks and looks that I will try on my own.

13 Cards:


  1. Looks like an amazingly successful class. I am curious how you did the one with the deer. Do I see acetate?

  2. Beautiful cards, Farley! I love them all, but the very first one is my favorite!

  3. these are so great - I hope next time she comes to town I can figure a way out to get up there!

  4. Could you tell me what stamp was used in the white embossed flower card design?