Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birding in Pt Reyes National Seashore area

I started birding a little over two years ago when I met an amazing man, David Yee, birder extraordinaire.  I knew very little about birds but after just one morning birding with David I WAS HOOKED!  My sweet husband encouraged my interest and the rest is history.  I typically go birding with David once a month which has allowed me to really become immersed in this fascinating area of study.

This past weekend Bob and I went to Pt Reyes for a little get away and birding.  Glorious weather and very accommodating birds.  My count of 63 species over the 3 days is a high mark for me.  Eight of them were "life birds" meaning I had never seen them before.  Below are 3 of my best-of-the-best photos that I took via "digi-scoping".

Song Sparrow taken on the trail to the Pt Reyes Visitor's Center just behind Pt Reyes Seashore Lodge where we stayed.

Most likely a Rufous Humming bird as opposed to the Allen's Hummingbird...the jury is still out on that however.  They are just about impossible to tell the difference.   Taken on the trail out to the Ocean in Abbott's Lagoon.

Caspian Terns with one Elegant Tern in the mix.  The Elegant (life bird this weekend) is the one in lower right with yellow bill.  Photo taken on the beach at the trail's end at Abbott's Lagoon.

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  1. I absolutely love your bird photography Farley! Thanks for sharing it with us. The hummingbird is my fave!